Blisworth PTA – FOBS

The Friends of Blisworth School (FOBS) is a charity run by parents and staff of the school.

Each year, FOBS raises over £10,000, which is used to purchase items and experience for our children that they wouldn’t otherwise necessarily have. Some of the things we have funded included paying for external groups, such as the Life Education van and the Christmas party day entertainment, as well as purchasing new curriculum resources, the pirate ship and shark in the playground, year 6 leavers’ gifts and hoodies, and funding the school crossing patrol.

In order to raise this money, we hold a large number of events throughout the year including discos, film nights, fetes and bazaars, bingo evenings and a school sleepover.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have not been able to hold these events since 2019, but we are now starting to organise some smaller, COVID-friendly activities which we hope families will enjoy.

The success of the events and the amount of money we raise are dependent on the support we receive – both from families attending the events and parents/carers helping us run the events. The events take a great deal of organisation, both behind the scenes and at the events themselves, and we are always keen for people to come along and help.

There is no commitment to help with any particular tasks or events, but any time, experience or advice you can offer will always be appreciated. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at We publish our latest news and events on our Facebook page, which can be found at