School Uniform

School uniform is plain and timeless to encourage children’s focus to be on their social skills, friendships and learning.  Children whose hair is long enough may find it easier to wear their hair up with simple, plain bands and bobbles.



Dark grey long or short trousers/skirt/pinafore dress

White polo shirt (currently pupils also wear the same in blue but this is being phased out)

School logo sweatshirt/cardigan in royal blue (Jules at Home now stock these with the new badge.  Whilst the old badge is being phased out, children will still wear this and you are able to purchase second hand uniform if you wish with the old badge).

Formal, low heeled, black school shoes and grey or white socks or tights

In the summer, dark sandals can be worn with grey or white socks or tights.  Blue and white, checked summer dresses can also be worn.

PE Kit

White PE t-shirt

Black shorts

Outdoor trainers

Shin Pads (KS2 children)

A plain tracksuit (this does not need to be a colour specific to school)

Inside PE is done barefoot so if your child has a verruca, please ensure they have a verruca sock

Uniform can be purchased by visiting “Jules at Home” in Roade where stocks of all items in all sizes are held.  Orders can also be placed online by clicking here.


Second hand uniform is also available from our PTA and they can be contacted at