Outreach and Supporting Others

Our school is committed to helping to ensure that the world of education continues to grow and be successful for pupils. We feel that it is important to support the development of others to play a small role in growing others and in turn benefitting our own knowledge and enthusiasm further. Some of the things our school does include:

  • Sarah Price is a Maths Mastery lead practitioner for the regional, Government Enigma Maths hub. This has recognised her excellent Maths teaching as well as her subject leader skills and she now provides support to other schools to develop Maths practice as well as leading our Maths curriculum so effectively.
  • Leah Jenkins is working with the Local Authority and running the Aspiring Headteachers programme for those interested in taking the next step into Headship.
  • We train Rhino sports coaches to also be teaching assistants (as well as having our resident coaches) who then go on to become teaching assistants and coaches in other schools benefitting more pupils.
  • We work closely with the University of Northampton. We host many student teacher placements, host oversees post graduate students who visit the school for a day to understand education in the UK and Leah Jenkins delivers some guest lectures to post graduate education management students around leadership themes.

If you are interested in accessing any of our support or want to enquire about costs, please do get in touch via our admin email address.